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Lo Han kuo Essence
Lo Han kuo Essence  Drink after dissolving half to one piece of the beverage in 1 dl boiling water. One piece every time and 2-3 times a day.

The beverage is made by extracting the essence from the best selected quality of Lo Han Kuo and adopting the up-to-date scientific method. Not only, it maintains the characteristic flavour, colour and taste, but it is also easily to be absorbed by systemic organs. Its efficacy is thus fully rendered. It is adequate to male and female, old and young, is all seasons.

Long time drinking of this beverage will improve liver and strengthen spleen, stimulate spirit and promote the flow of saliva. It is reputed as the choice of the cooling beverage. Besides, it can also be used as subsidiary material for making tonic soup. It is convenient to take and easy to carry.

12 x 14 gram

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